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Book Announcement!

The Blood Trials (formerly titled: The Praetorian Trials)

Ikenna Amari, a young woman who is an outsider in the country she calls home, elects to train for the elite Praetorian Guard to discover who murdered her grandfather. Along the way, she learns how to be a leader and how to hone a frighteningly powerful blood magic so that she may wield it against an even greater enemy than the one that she knows of.

Harper Voyager Books - 2 Book Deal - Fall 2022. See my Twitter announcement!

To learn more about this story, visit

The Blood Trials.

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Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards
Mar 11

I love the work that you're doing and I am from Houston Texas but I currently live in Iowa West Des Moines. And I support your books I believe you are a wonderful author I can't wait for you to continue to keep putting out more SFF.

I would love to see a spin-off of the blood trials. Keep doing what you doing continue to be blessed and continue to keep sharing your gift and love for writing with the world. Love the Edwards family.


Aakia Patrick
Aakia Patrick
Oct 16, 2023

Will there be another book in the blood gift series after the second book? Or is the second one the last one?

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